Majestic Yachts Inc. is in a unique partnership with the designer and patent owner of the "Super Yacht". He has over 20 years of experience working with the US government. His first prototype has been successfully operating as a ferry boat for over a year now. The second has been ordered by the U.S. Marines as a high speed troop and supply carrier.

Majestic Yachts is in search for a Yachtsman/Investor to make this "Dream Boat" a reality. We are looking for an investment of $25 million to build our first luxury yacht. The investor will have use of the yacht at any time that it is not being shown to the world at boat shows to take orders. We will make molds of the first and start a production line to build ten per year!

1831 NE 38 Street #402

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308

Phone & FAX 954-537-3334

Our unique new yacht combines the air cushioned ride of a surface effect ship with the stability of a twin hull catamaran to dramatically increase fuel efficiency and speed over conventional yachts. Blowers on both sides of the bow force air into the two recessed sidehulls, creating the cushion. The cushion lifts the hull up in the water, reducing friction between the water and the hull.

- 3ft. Draft

- 33 1/3 ft. Beam

- 100 ft. length

- Interior of 150 ft.

- Patented hull design

- 70 Knot Speed!

- Extremely stable in rough seas.